Gnommero is a series of thematic pamphlets edited by Sarah Tripp and Richard Taylor, which provides space for artists and writers to respond to Italo Calvino’s thoughts on the qualities of lightness, quickness, exactitude, visibility and multiplicity in literature - as published in 'Six Memos for the Next Millennium'.

We are currently editing the next in the series, 'Multiplicity'.

Gnommero will also be giving a short presentation at Fruitmarket Gallery's Artists' Bookmarket on Saturday 21 February 2015.

You can contribute to the production of 'Multiplicity' by buying the full Gnommero Collection.

Mysterious Proceedings

A new text e-published by Talbot Rice Gallery, The University of Edinburgh, for their event 'Until Only the Mountain Remains', in February 2015. The event featured a selection of writers' responses to the work of Christopher Orr.