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▶︎ Education
2015-17 – MFA (Distinction), Glasgow School of Art

☞ Core research skills in Archives and Historical Resources 
☞ Postgraduate elective in Fine Art Studio Teaching 
☞ Dissertation: 'Making monuments from the experience of place through writing', researched studies of embodied writing, corporeality of throwing attention in places of historical value, walking as ethnographic practice

2004-07 – BA (Hons) Contemporary Art Practice (1st class), Leeds University

▶︎ Selected solo and two-person exhibitions and performances
2019 – ''Genia!', says Marauder', Crownpoint East project space, Glasgow (solo)
2018 – 'Love without limits', Tontine building, Glasgow (solo)
2017 – ‘Anonymiser Particular’, No. 35 Gallery, Bannockburn (solo)
2016 – ‘In Parting Glass’, Summerhall, Edinburgh (with Riccardo Buscarini)
2015 – 'enter dust free tomb', performances, Glasgow School of Art Archives & Collections, The Whiskey Bond, Glasgow (solo)
2015 – 'blue farm, roundhouse, hlâw', performance, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop (solo)
2013 – 'EPIGONE', Basement Arts Project, Leeds (solo)
2013 – 'C O L L I D E R', Mexico Project Space, Leeds (solo)
2012 – 'Au Dessus De to Hunters Tryst', AWA Gallery, Amsterdam (with Jennifer Picken)
2011 – 'Ipso Facto', Superclub, Edinburgh (with Ross Hamilton Frew)

▶︎ Selected group exhibitions and performances
2019 – 'Launch Party, Mycelia Issue 2 & SisM Issue 1', Rost, Glasgow
2019 – '咁敢趕幹—岡山國際當代藝術倉庫交流展 dare you do this ffff it', Taiwan Gangshan District
2017 – 'Front Horse', evening of poetry and performances, Nottingham
2017 – ‘Mantle’, in association with Embassy Annuale 2017, Edinburgh
2017 – 'Glasgow School of Art MFA degree show 2017', The Glue Factory, Glasgow
2016 – 'Glasgow School of Art MFA Interim Exhibition', The Reid Gallery, Glasgow
2015 – ‘Curious Artifacts’, Art Wall, Athens
2015 – 'Gnommero Multiplicity', performances and publication launch, CCA, Glasgow
2015 – 'Paraphernalia #9', The Poetry Club, Glasgow
2014 – 'Larroque Arts Festival 2014', Larroque, France
2014 – '12-hour Studio Jamming Symposium', Cooper Gallery, Dundee

▶︎ Selected published works
2017 – 'Dissecting SIMDA', The Dancers Inherit the Party, with Sarah Tripp and Little Sparta Trust
2016 – 'Do It All On The Same Day', Modern Edinburgh Film School
2015 – 'All that was there was below', Gnommero Multiplicity
2015 – ‘Mysterious Proceedings’, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh
2014 – ‘The Occasional Divan’, Bibliophile, Counter: Plymouth Art Book Fair
2014 – ‘Affinity Drone’, Cooper Gallery, Dundee, edited by Maria Fusco
2014 – '574123n52727w-195195', Embassy Gallery and Mexico Project Space

▶︎ Residencies
2017 – 'Open Corner', Market Gallery, Glasgow
2017 – 'Graduate Residency', Hospitalfield, Arbroath
2015 – 'ECA/ESW Research Residency in Art Writing', Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop
2014 – 'Group Critical Writing Residency', Cooper Gallery, Dundee
2013 – 'Embassy Gallery & Mexico Project Space residency exchange', Leeds
2012 – 'GoGo 301hrs', AWA Gallery, Amsterdam

▶︎ Press
Alan Rutherford, a-n Reviews, October 2019 
Claire Walsh, MAP – 'footnoting the archive', February 2016
Laura Campbell, The List, January 2016
Lesley Guy, Corridor 8, July 2013