Brushwork on bits of wood, depicting varied elements in an otherworldly and accumulative style.

Text and performance

A mini self-history of text, performance, editing and publishing.

Digital compilation and sculpture


The Opportunists. A compilation of video, sound, sculpture and online streaming, produced in 2021.

Video language

Slyvia’s full stop., The Isle of Pony, Imposters. A sequence of three digital compilations, presented in 2022.

Photographic slides and sound

Anonymiser Particular. An exhibition in 2017, in a ground floor flat in Bannockburn, Stirlingshire, which featured sound and performance.

Archives and historical resources

Sculpture and installation

A period of research in 2015 used to develop a three-part performance with objects, text and photographic slides.

Amplifying analogue magic


Genia!’, says Marauder. An exhibition of artwork, and performance, following a posthumous collaboration with my two late grandfathers in 2019.

Your best computer monitor base

In Parting Glass. A collaboration with Italian choreography Riccardo Buscarini and curator Holly Knox Yeoman.