Richard Taylor is an artist and editor who lives in Glasgow, Scotland. He creates oil paintings as well as sculptures. Furthermore he offers copy-editing services, works in independent publishing and produces sound and video.

Oil paintings

Copy-editing and publishing

When it comes to copy-editing Richard works closely, and sensitively, with his clients. He has experience editing creative writing and essays as well as PhDs, transcribed interviews and artist statements.

Richard also works within independent publishing and has provided services to agencies who specialise in translation.

Sound and video production

Sound, as well as sound with video, for online distribution and exhibitions.

Sculpture and installation

Sculptures that are assembled from objects, which are consequently arranged into larger artworks or, in like manner, compiled for means of digital presentation.

Copy-editing and publishing from Richard Taylor artist and editor.

As an artist Richard Taylor being an arranger and editor of objects to make sculptures. He thinks of them as assembled and precarious offerings, which can be edited at any time. But they also achieve clarity when compiled efficiently.

The same thought process goes into his painting practice and he strives to get at the same clarity through copy-editing. The same mix of precision and precariousness goes into his sound and video production.

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