I create digital compilations, analogue displays and sculpture to make uncanny connections between researched subject matter.

My digital compilations include sound and video footage. They also feature documented sculptures and digitised photographic slides. I assemble my sculptures from found as well as functional objects, and often show them physically.

Copy-editing and publishing from Richard Taylor artist and editor.

Key words and terminology

Accents, autofiction, casting attention, ethnography, etymology, genealogy, historicity, intimacy, landscape, local knowledge, pareidolia, storytelling, synesthesia, talismanic, unintentional monuments.

Artwork produced from 2017 to 2022

The Opportunists

Sculpture and installation.

Field Pub

‘Genia!’, says Marauder

A sequence of objects, yellow and black rope, and XLR cables entwined and hanging from the ceiling in a white room. The objects include 35mm slides in mounts with drawings on them, earrings, cactus flowers and yellow cable ties.

Anonymiser Particular


Muscle Damage

Artwork produced from 2013 to 2016

In Parting Glass


Archives and historical resources

Sculpture and installation

blue farm, roundhouse, hlâw

In June 2015 I made a performance called blue farm, roundhouse, hlâw at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop. I developed the performance during a Research Residency in Art Writing. Maria Fusco, then reader at Edinburgh College of Art, helped support the residency.

artwork. Enjoy sculpture and installation by Richard Taylor artist and editor.


I produced an exhibition in Leeds called Collider, in 2013. The exhibition took place at Mexico Project Space following a residency organised by Embassy Gallery.


In October 2013 I produced a show called Epigone at Basement Arts Project in Leeds. The exhibition’s title refers to the definition of ‘epigone’ (an imitator of someone, especially an artist or philosopher).

Artwork. sculpture and installation

Totes Colo

A collective of artists who were based in Edinburgh during 2012 and 2013.

Depending on the angle of your ripe situation


I took part in this group show in a disused train station in Newhaven, Edinburgh. The exhibition was curated by Holly Knox Yeoman. I exhibited at the same time as artists Claudia De La Pena and Dickie Webb. Additionally, a responsive text was written by Kate Grenyer.