I presented Anonymiser Particular at No.35 Gallery in Bannockburn, in September 2017. It included a two-channel sound installation, as well as a performance with adjusted photographic slides, a projector and researched text.

Exhibition description for Anonymiser Particular

The exhibition’s title refers to grammatical constructs in writing. Specifically, tactics used to remove biographical content and leave a sense of directness when approaching subject matter.

The exhibition comprised two artworks; Aliases for a reason and Enchantment for LelyAnyLevel. Aliases for a reason was audio piece, and accompanying sculpture, that recalled experiences of attending a Radical Faerie gathering. Enchantment for LelyAnyLevel was a performance with adjusted photographic slides, a slide projector and a text read out loud. Specifically, the performance explained how a large piece of farming equipment might be conjured into the room.

Anonymiser Particular
Projected photographic slide image of a Lely Anylevel bale elevator
Anonymiser Particular

In the image above you can see me reading from a text for the performance Enchantment for LelyAnyLevel. I used further photographic slides with colour gels collaged onto the plastic slide mounts. While reading the text I adjusted the focus on the projector. I was able to focus on the colour gel collages and then back into the photographic image.

The sculpture I produced for Aliases for a reason (below image) was first of all used as an instrument. By twanging the plastic (the base of a computer monitor) I recorded a backing track for the audio piece.

Anonymiser Particular