Copy-editing, with creative consistency

I have experience in copy-editing essays and PhDs, as well as transcribed interviews and translated exhibition catalogues. I also have a proven track-record of working with artists and creative writers on independent publishing projects.


Hedera Felix

Copy-editing for the weird and eerie!

I am co-director of Hedera Felix, which is an independent publisher and community interest company based in Glasgow, UK. I manage editorial production for Mycelia, a magazine dedicated to weird and eerie themed writing and visual art.


Copy-editing cooperatively xx

An image showing issue from the Gnommero series. White and brown paper publications with coloured dots in the middle. In the centre lies a bright red envelope with text, with the title 'Gnommero Collection'.

I worked as co-editor of the publication series Gnommero, from 2011 to 2015. Using Italo Calvino’s Six Memos For The Next Millennium as a theme, we cooperatively published experimental texts, essays and visual art.