Copyediting and editorial support

Copyediting is important if you want to get what you have written ready for the public eye!

To work with a copy editor means that your text will be consistent, clear and correct. Foremost, this means that your purpose needs to be understood by both of us.

Do not worry! I am very good at building an understanding of who I work with.

And, I am respectful of the tricky (and sometimes unthought of) journey involved when making something you have written, which is close to you, ring with clarity for readers.

If you feel that you need some additional editorial support, which goes deeper into your work than copyediting, we can have a chat and come up with a workable structure.

What will happen?

You will send me a Word document, or something similar, which is easy to view and edit. I will take a look and establish the amount of time the job will take. The copyediting process will then begin! It comes in three stages:

  1. A first pass. After reading through your text, I will use a new document to ask questions about your style and meaning. You will receive this new document ASAP. Then, you will send your answers back to me – ASAP.
  2. The main edit. I will go back through the text in the original Word document using the first pass as a guide. For this main edit, using the markup option in Word, I will track all the changes that I make for you to review. You will receive the main edit ASAP. Then, you will send your reviewed copy – ASAP.
  3. Clean-up. I will implement the answers that you provide from the main edit, tidy everything up, and send you the result as a clean document.

At the end of stage 1. A first pass and before stage 2. The main edit, I can be available to provide additional editorial support. This will mean drilling down a bit more to investigate your style and meaning. As directly if this is something that you are interested in.

Enquire about copyediting and editorial support services

Please provide your first or full name.
Please provide your email address so I can get back in touch.
Please state what service you are interested in. Options: 'Copyediting', 'Editorial support' or 'Copyediting and Editorial support'. And also describe what project you would like me to help with.

Where I get my skills from

Hedera Felix: independent publishing

I am co-director of Hedera Felix, an independent publisher based in Glasgow. I manage editorial production for Mycelia, a magazine of weird and eerie themed writing as well as visual art.

Hedera Felix is a voluntary outfit that is ambitious with its international reach. As a result, I get to copy edit content by talented and diverse people from across the globe.

Copyediting with Mycelia Magazine and Hedera Felix CIC.

Copyediting and online content production

For ten years I worked freelance for a-n The Artists Information Company. Undoubtedly, this created a backbone of comprehensive editorial experience.

I copy edited content published online and built a vast collection of my own writing.

I was able to promote artists, and their work, by helping them to use the right sort of written voice.

A screen-grab of tiled website content that shows images with text underneath. Shows a selected range of copy-editing for online content, as well as interviews and articles that I wrote, when working for a-n The Artists Information Company.

Gnommero: cooperative publishing

From 2011 to 2015 I was co-editor of the artist-led publication series Gnommero.

Using Italo Calvino’s Six Memos For The Next Millennium as a theme, I helped cooperatively publish experimental texts, essays as well as visual art.

There were many opportunities to work closely with writers practicing in different forms and themes. This allowed me to responsively develop good practice for copyediting.

An image showing issue from the Gnommero series. White and brown paper publications with coloured dots in the middle. In the centre lies a bright red envelope with text, with the title 'Gnommero Collection'. Copy-editing for the contents of these photographed publications was conducted by myself and Sarah Tripp, in Glasgow.