Copyediting and editorial support

My copyediting experience includes working with both individuals and groups on creative writing projects, essays and PhDs, transcriptions, mission statements and creative practitioner statements. I also have lots of experience working with people to facilitate editorial support.


Hmm … maybe you are unsure what’s what?

To work with a copy editor means that your text will be consistent, clear and correct. All important factors when getting something ready for the public eye.

Foremost, this means that your purpose, and the purpose of your text, needs to be understood by you and the copyeditor (me).

Don’t worry! I am very good at building an understanding of who I work with.

And, I am respectful of the obstacles that need to be challenged when making something you have written, which is close to you, ring with clarity for readers.

If you feel that you need additional editorial support, which goes deeper into your work than copyediting, we can come up with a workable structure.

What will happen?

Below is an example of how I might work with you on a short essay, say up to10,000 words in length. By principle, this method can be applied to any manuscript that you are working on. Through an initial chat, we will reach an understanding of your expectations before any of the following happens. So, if necessary, this method can be more focussed around what it is that you want to achieve.

  • You will send me a Word document, or something similar, which is easy for us both to view and edit your text.
  • I will take a look through the Word document and establish the amount of time the job will take.
  • Once we are happy with a schedule, the copyediting process will then begin. It comes in three manageable stages:
    1. First glance with questions. After reading through your text, I will start a new Word document and use it to ask questions about your style and meaning (i.e. what you are getting at and how you are getting at it). You will receive this new Word document from me via email. Then, after taking a look yourself, you will use the same Word document to provide answers and comments. You will send it back to me via email.
    2. Main edit. I will go back through your original text, in the original Word document, using the stage 1. process as a guide. With the markup option in Word, I will track any changes for you to review before they are confirmed. You will receive the main edit from me via email. Then, you will look through and accept or ignore changes and reply to, or add, any further comments. When happy, you will send the main edit document back to me, for the last time.
    3. Nice and tidy. I will implement changes, according to what you are happy with in the main edit. I will then tidy things up and send you the result as a clean document.

Enquire about copyediting and editorial support services

My rates are flexible depending on your situation and what you want to achieve. Use this form to outline how you would like to work with me:

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