Editing Services

I provide editing services for writers of short fiction and narrative non-fiction, as well as academics and artists.


I can take a document and make sure it is accurate as well as consistent. Your written voice will maintain its strength and clarity during the editing process. I can work with you on:

  • Short fiction as well as narrative non-fiction
  • Art- and literature-focused academic theses
  • Website content for non-profit companies as well as sole traders

Editorial Support

I can help you be ambitious as well as realistic with new ideas. I provide developmental editing to enhance how you articulate both style and meaning. Also, I provide mentoring sessions.

What I charge

I charge £25.00 per hour. My rates are calculated using The Charted Institute of Editing and Proofreading’s suggested minimum rates.

Scenarios and testimonials

Academic stress (relief)

I worked closely with Dr. Marc Garrett, Co-Founder and Co-Artistic Director at Furtherfield in London. Here is what he says about my skills in editing academic writing:

Richard worked with me on my Ph.D. thesis and has since copy edited other essays for academic publication. Having someone who has got your back is valuable when writing about complex histories and ideas, and Richard can deal with a range of contexts. Furthermore, his friendliness and professional timing both help to keep stress levels down.

Dr. Marc Garrett

Comprehensive listings

I provided a sensitive and swift proofreading service for Radiophrenia 2021’s online listings. Here is what Barry Burns, co-manager of the Glasgow-based art radio station, had to say about my work:

The Radiophrenia schedule is a complicated mess of more than a thousand entries copied over from different formats. Some texts are by artists whose first language is not English. There are also a number of artists who take an idiosyncratic approach to spelling, punctuation and layout. Richard was able to diligently and speedily correct format and spelling errors, finesse any infelicities of grammar without damaging the sense of a text. Furthermore he approached with a discerning eye any atypical use of language. And his queries about the work were concise as well as pertinent. I would recommend Richard’s services.

Barry Burns, co-manager of Glasgow’s art radio station Radiophrenia

Ready for publishing

I worked with Edinburgh-based writer and editor Mark Bolsover to edit one of his experimental texts. It was ready for publishing and I used my copyediting skills to get everything ship shape:

I am a writer of often complex experimental work. It was obvious that Richard is a careful and attentive editor. He takes great pains to produce clean, high-quality copy. And he works generously to facilitate the idiosyncrasies of a writer’s work. It was a great pleasure to work with him.’

Mark Bolsover, Edinburgh-based writer and editor

Confidence in new ideas

I worked with Glasgow-based artist and writer Conor Baird. I provided developmental guidance and a comprehensive edit of his work for publication:

Having known little about publishing myself, I was grateful to have Richard’s insight. Furthermore, he treated my work with sensitivity and diligence in an open and collaborative manner that allowed me to interrogate, edit and play with my writing. Ultimately, this led to me feeling confident with a polished version of my work, which was suitable for publishing.

Conor Baird

My experience

Independent publishing

I am co-director of Hedera Felix, which is an independent publisher and community interest company based in Glasgow.

I manage editorial production for Mycelia; a magazine of weird and eerie themed writing as well as visual art. hederafelix.com

Hedera Felix is a voluntary outfit that is ambitious with its international reach. As a result, I get to copy edit content by talented and diverse people from across the globe.

Copyediting with Mycelia Magazine and Hedera Felix CIC.
Mycelia magazine, Issue 4.