Sculpture and installation

It is important that you enjoy sculpture and installation, because it is fun, mostly! This page contains images of artwork, as well as research, from between 2010 to 2021. Below you will see examples of exhibitions, in the form of installations with objects and slide photography, and documentation of residencies as well as studio experimentation.

Sculpture from bits

Enjoy sculpture and installation by Richard Taylor artist and editor.

Richard’s sculptures are assembled from objects, which are consequently arranged into larger artworks and installations or, in like manner, compiled for means of digital presentation.

Just for you, here is a list of materials in order to describe what is in this image: broken car suspension coils, some of which are treated with blue metallic spray paint and dressed with cactus offcuts (ouch). Additionally, there are several pink Tyrozet throat lozenges and one or two parts from a home pull-up bar. All of these materials are held together with magnets, yellow cable ties and Vaseline. Furthermore, a glass shelf is used as a stand.

Fallible objects, or assembled crap, such as what is described above, are treated as arrangements that could fall apart at any point. But they also achieve clarity when compiled efficiently.

Artist CV

Solo and two-person projects

2019: ”Genia!’, says Marauder’, Crownpoint East project space, Glasgow (solo)
2018: ‘Love without limits’, Tontine building, Glasgow (solo)
2017: ‘Anonymiser Particular’, No. 35 Gallery, Bannockburn (solo)
2016: ‘In Parting Glass’, Summerhall, Edinburgh (with Riccardo Buscarini)
2015: ‘blue farm, roundhouse, hlâw’, performance, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop (solo)
2013: ‘Epigone’, Basement Arts Project, Leeds (solo)
2013: ‘Collider’, Mexico Project Space, Leeds (solo)
2012: ‘Au Dessus De to Hunters Tryst’, AWA Gallery, Amsterdam (with Jennifer Picken)

Group exhibitions and performances

2020: ‘Purgatory Shelf Object Theatre Variety Show’, an online presentation of video and sound production, with Waste Paper Opera and The Open Arms.
2019: ‘咁敢趕幹—岡山國際當代藝術倉庫交流展 dare you do this ffff it’, Taiwan Gangshan District
2017: ‘Front Horse’, evening of poetry and performances, Nottingham
2017: ‘Glasgow School of Art MFA degree show 2017’, The Glue Factory, Glasgow
2016: ‘Glasgow School of Art MFA Interim Exhibition’, The Reid Gallery, Glasgow
2015: ‘Paraphernalia #9’, The Poetry Club, Glasgow
2014: ‘Larroque Arts Festival 2014’, Larroque, France
2014: ’12-hour Studio Jamming Symposium’, Cooper Gallery, Dundee

Published writing

2019: ‘Glasgow: how to find sanctuary in the dear green place’, Artquest, London
2019: ‘Cample Line: foregrounding rural community and industrial history’, a-n News
2017: ‘Dissecting SIMDA’, The Dancers Inherit the Party, with Sarah Tripp and Little Sparta Trust
2015: ‘Mysterious Proceedings’, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh
2014: ‘Affinity Drone’, Cooper Gallery, Dundee, edited by Maria Fusco


2017: ‘Open Corner’, Market Gallery, Glasgow
2017: ‘Graduate Residency’, Hospitalfield, Arbroath
2015: ‘Research Residency in Art Writing’, Edinburgh College of Art and Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop
2014: ‘Group Critical Writing Residency’, Cooper Gallery, Dundee
2013: ‘Embassy Gallery & Mexico Project Space residency exchange’, Leeds


Alan Rutherford, a-n Reviews, October 2019
Claire Walsh, MAP – ‘footnoting the archive’, February 2016
Lesley Guy, Corridor 8, July 2013

Images with exterior links

Enjoy sculpture and installation by Richard Taylor artist and editor.
Unused local train stations
Leeds and sex
Loved it in Edinburgh
Enjoy sculpture and installation by Richard Taylor artist and editor.
Writing and form
Dressing up at 1am
Richard Taylor is an artist and editor. He spends time painting, offers copy-editing services, and works with sound and video. All of this is done in Glasgow, UK, where he is based.
With your pal
A room with a tall ceiling and white walls, a entrance from the left and a floor to ceiling window on the right, with brick surround. Within the room is an installation of objects, cables, wood, a gaming monitor, a slide projector and speakers. There is a small sculpture on the floor in the foreground, and to the left, in the foreground and on the wall, is a drawing and a photograph.
A good group
Tales of the found pieces
Foray into projection
Enjoy sculpture and installation by Richard Taylor artist and editor.
Forever summer
Map magazine used to be good