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As well as providing copyediting and editorial support services, I also have a visuals arts practice. I make oil paintings and sometimes produce digital compilations with sound and video. So, here is a bit of further reading on my thought processes, references and, most of all, the journeys behind the art that I produce.

Further reading on my paintings

A spot of further reading and notes on how painting is important to me. Where paintings come from and how they might change over time. Or, in their rarity, paintings that happen really fast.

  • Mantlepiece


    It is the journey of lockdown experience that inspires this story. I produced this commissioned painting, which is not called mantlepiece, in the front room of my flat in Glasgow. I was only really able…
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  • Sanctuary

    A sanctuary, or simply just the word itself, can mean different things to different beings. I say beings as the term applies to more than humans and humanoids. For instance, this painting is in fact…
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  • Lick the forest edge

    Lick the forest edge. Oil painting

    … and, if you lick the forest edge, get a new, updated crystallite structure on your tongue. You got it! With this painting you can use your tongue to lick the very edge of that…
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  • Crannog

    This painting was originally, and loosely, based around buildings called crannogs: simple but effectively placed structures mainly in Scotland and Ireland, built from wood and mud. Often, they would stretch out in to lochs, providing…
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Dip your toes in sound and video

Some words from me on my sound and video projects. In particular, looking at digital compilations that explore phenomenology, history, geography and ethnography.

  • Collaborative tactics

    Collaborative tactics

    I created the digital compilation, Muscle Damage, using collaborative tactics with my father, Gordon Taylor, throughout 2016 and 2017. Muscle Damage is a compilation of digital material including sound and image. The sound features a…
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  • Influencer

    further reading

    Instead of influencer I should probably be saying imposter, or maybe improviser. Whatever floats your boat! However, bear in mind that too much compiled material will see you sink. Are you and influencer and do…
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  • Pareidolia

    Pareidolia in videos, took at this one of a tree trunk

    These are some videos which feature pareidolia sightings within places that I have walked, in both Scotland and Northern England. I have an obsession with faces that appear in trees and rocks. Sometimes, I have…
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  • Field Pub

    As I have a background in the visual arts, and because I have studied at Glasgow School or Art, it is fair to say that I have produced a fair amount of audio-visual artwork. And,…
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Instagram!!!!!!! Yes, that is correct. I post images of new paintings, as well as tiny videos of sound and video stuff, on my Instagram feed and stories. The best thing to do is go ahead and follow me.

Vimeo!!!!!!!!! Yes, correct again. I have a Vimeo account too. So, you can move on over there to see a selection of my sound and video stuff in full.

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