Super Street, Oil on wooden panel, 50x27cm (sold)

I create my oil paintings in my studio in Glasgow. In addition to this studio practice I occasionally paint in my dad’s garage in Dronfield, Derbyshire. I started painting again back in November 2019. This form of practice then continued, and strengthened, throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic and lockdown periods.

Such a magnificent scene, oil on wooden board, 80x49cm
Sweet sky oil paintings
Sweet Sky, Oil on sample floorboard, 33x19cm
Sniff, Rip and Licker, Oil on board, 20x23cm
Babes (sold, now lives in Birmingham, UK)
Pugwash (sold, now lives in Wales)
Oil paintings
Fast Castle (sold, now lives in The Philippines)
Oil paintings
Lick the forest edge (sold, now lives in Milton Keynes)
Oil Paintings by Richard Taylor in Glasgow. This photograph is of the painting title 'Wanna be like Bambi'. a range of colours set out the foreground in green, with a hut in the mid-ground in browny yellows and a background of purple.
Wanna be like Bambi (sold, now lives in London)
Oil paintings
Sanctuary (sold, now lives in Amsterdam)

Commission an oil painting

Contact me and ask about my rates, which depend on the size of painting that you are after and the amount of research that I will need to undertake. Have a look at the paintings above, and below, see if you would like something similar that is tailored to you.

During COVID-19 lockdown, producing oil paintings became a creative output that I wired into the maintenance of my wellbeing. Happily I now have paintings situated all over the world. They are with people who can enjoy them in person. These people live in Singapore, the Philippines, the US, The Netherlands and Australia. Scotland, Wales and England are in there too.

I like to show the development of some of my paintings on Instagram. Go ahead and follow me there.

Don’t archive Dark Souls (sold, now lives in West Wales)
Oil paintings by Richard Taylor in Glasgow
Night Tor (sold, now lives in Dorset)