Oil paintings

During COVID-19 lockdown, producing oil paintings has become an output that is creatively wired into the maintenance of wellbeing. Because of this activity, and very welcome commissions, these paintings are now with people all over the world who can enjoy them in the flesh.

Sharing work in this way means that anyone, despite where they are, can feel a little bit less isolated. Richard has sold his work to people in Singapore, the US, The Netherlands and Australia, as well as to people throughout Scotland, Wales and England.

Thanks to this activity Richard has now been able to return to a studio practice. He currently paints – with a fantastic view of east Glasgow – at Crownpoint East studios in Bridgeton.

In the event that you have got this far, why not take a look at Richard’s copyediting services. See how editing paintings, for him, can in effect be very similar to editing text. Richard has taken on a lot of projects and works with a variety of creative practitioners and agencies. Get in touch if you have anything on the go that needs some creative and concise copy-editing.