Oil Paintings

Oil paintings produced on various sizes of wooden board.

oil paintings; this one is now in California
Hogweed and Hand
Swim Bod
Super Street, Oil on wooden panel, 50x27cm (sold, now lives in Bergen)
How to handle your weed
oil paintings
Red Fruit, 2022
oil paintings
Such a magnificent scene, oil on wooden board, 80x49cm
Oil paintings by Richard Taylor in Glasgow
Night Tor (now lives in Dorset)
Sweet sky oil paintings
Sweet Sky, Oil on sample floorboard, 33x19cm
Babes (sold, now lives in Birmingham, UK)
Oil Paintings by Richard Taylor in Glasgow. This photograph is of the painting title 'Wanna be like Bambi'. a range of colours set out the foreground in green, with a hut in the mid-ground in browny yellows and a background of purple.
Wanna be like Bambi (sold, now lives in London)
Sanctuary (sold, now lives in Amsterdam)
oil paintings
Sniff, Rip and Licker, Oil on board, 20x23cm
Pugwash (sold, now lives in Wales)
Oil paintings
Don’t archive Dark Souls (sold, now lives in West Wales)