Scenarios and testimonials

Read through these scenarios and testimonials. One or more, or all three, could be you. For each example I have matched up a review from an existing client so that you know I am trustworthy, worth it and a good fit.

Ready for publishing

I have invested a lot of time in my text; it is complex and not everyone understands my purpose. Consequently, I require some observant copyediting eyes to get things shipshape for publishing.

‘I am a writer of often complex experimental work and it was obvious that Richard is a careful and attentive editor. He takes great pains to produce clean, high-quality copy, working generously to facilitate the idiosyncrasies of a writer’s work. It was a great pleasure to work with him.’

Mark Bolsover, Edinburgh-based writer and editor.

Confidence in new ideas

I want to explore something new but I am not sure how. Some editorial support is essential. I need help to strengthen my written voice.

‘Having known little about publishing myself, I was grateful to have Richard’s insight. Furthermore, he treated my work with sensitivity and diligence in an open and collaborative manner that allowed me to interrogate, edit and play with my writing. Ultimately, this led to me feeling confident with a polished version of my work, which was suitable for publishing.’

Conor Baird, artist and writer based in Glasgow.

Academic stress (relief)

Writing this thesis has been a huge learning curve. It needs to be checked for accuracy and consistency. Help!

‘Richard worked with me on my Ph.D. thesis and has since copy edited other essays for academic publication. Having someone who has got your back is valuable when writing about complex histories and ideas, and Richard can deal with a range of contexts. Furthermore, his friendliness and professional timing both help to keep stress levels down.’

Dr. Marc Garrett, Co-Founder and Co-Artistic Director at Furtherfield, London.

Are my copyediting and support services for you?

You will not know until your read about my services. Finding out more could be the best thing you have done since killing off your cousin’s Tamagotchi back in 1998.

Happy with these scenarios and testimonials?

Jump right in and say hello; enquire about my services and explain any niggles you have that are related to short fiction or academic essays with a creative-research focus.