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Selected artwork

Richard creatively uses writing and voice to steer connections between bodily intimacies, objects, architectures, landscapes and histories.

With sound, slide photography, performance, sculpture and video he then develops narrative-orientated environments to look at relationships and communities people sustain or leave behind.



2015-17 – MFA (Distinction), Glasgow School of Art
- Core research skills in Archives and Historical Resources. Postgraduate elective in Fine Art Studio Teaching. 
- Dissertation: 'Making monuments from the experience of place through writing', researched studies of embodied writing, corporeality of throwing attention in places of historical value, walking as ethnographic practice.

2004-07 – BA (Hons) Contemporary Art Practice (1st class), Leeds University

Selected solo and two-person exhibitions and performances
2018 – 'Love Without Limits', Tontine Building, Glasgow (solo)
2017 – ‘Anonymiser Particular’, No. 35 Gallery, Bannockburn (solo)
2016 – ‘In Parting Glass’, Summerhall, Edinburgh (with Riccardo Buscarini)
2015 – 'enter dust free tomb', performances, Glasgow School of Art Archives & Collections, The Whiskey Bond, Glasgow (solo)
2015 – 'blue farm, roundhouse, hlâw', performance, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop (solo)
2013 – 'EPIGONE', Basement Arts Project, Leeds (solo)
2013 – 'C O L L I D E R', Mexico Project Space, Leeds (solo)
2012 – 'Au Dessus De to Hunters Tryst', AWA Gallery, Amsterdam (with Jennifer Picken)
2011 – 'Ipso Facto', Superclub, Edinburgh (with Ross Hamilton Frew)

Selected group exhibitions and performances
2019 – '咁敢趕幹—岡山國際當代藝術倉庫交流展 dare you do this ffff it', Taiwan Gangshan District
2017 – 'Front Horse', evening of poetry and performances, Nottingham
2017 – ‘Mantle’, in association with Embassy Annuale 2017, Edinburgh
2017 – 'Glasgow School of Art MFA degree show 2017', The Glue Factory, Glasgow
2016 – 'Glasgow School of Art MFA Interim Exhibition', The Reid Gallery, Glasgow
2015 – ‘Curious Artifacts’, Art Wall, Athens
2015 – 'Gnommero Multiplicity', performances and publication launch, CCA, Glasgow
2015 – 'Paraphernalia #9', The Poetry Club, Glasgow
2014 – 'Larroque Arts Festival 2014', Larroque, France
2014 – '12-hour Studio Jamming Symposium', Cooper Gallery, Dundee

Selected published works
2017 – 'Dissecting SIMDA', The Dancers Inherit the Party, with Sarah Tripp and Little Sparta Trust
2016 – 'Do It All On The Same Day', published by Modern Edinburgh Film School
2015 – 'All that was there was below', published in Gnommero Multiplicity
2015 – ‘Mysterious Proceedings’, e-published by Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh
2014 – ‘The Occasional Divan’, live-published in Bibliophile, Counter: Plymouth Art Book Fair
2014 – ‘Affinity Drone’, e-published by Cooper Gallery, Dundee, edited by Maria Fusco
2014 – '574123n52727w-195195', e-published by Embassy Gallery (Edinburgh) and Mexico Project Space (Leeds)

2017 – 'Open Corner', Market Gallery, Glasgow
2017 – 'Graduate Residency', Hospitalfield, Arbroath
2015 – 'ECA/ESW Research Residency in Art Writing', Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop
2014 – 'Group Critical Writing Residency', Cooper Gallery, Dundee
2013 – 'Embassy Gallery & Mexico Project Space residency exchange', Leeds
2012 – 'GoGo 301hrs', AWA Gallery, Amsterdam

Claire Walsh, MAP – 'footnoting the archive', February 2016
Laura Campbell, The List, January 2016
Lesley Guy, Corridor 8, July 2013