Services: Copyediting and Editorial Support

I specialise in copyediting and editorial support services. This means I can take a document and make sure it is accurate and consistent. It also means that, through in-depth editorial support, I can work with you on developing your style and meaning.


When it comes to copyediting, I have experience working with both individuals and groups on:

  • Experimental fiction, with a focus on the speculative and art writing
  • Essays and PhDs (monographs and larger collections of articles)
  • Recorded interview transcriptions
  • Mission statements and exhibition texts for marketing


Editorial Support

When it comes to editorial support I have experience working with people, helping them maintain integrity while they build on their written voice.

Some of this work can be done through developmental editing. Furthermore, I can mentor writers who want to explore something new.


services copyediting editorial support

Unsure what’s what?

To work with a copyeditor

This means that what you have written, when you feel it is complete, will go through a process to make sure there is consistency, clarity and correctness.

A copyeditor will help you consider all the important factors when you are getting something ready for public consumption.

You and the copyeditor (me) need to understand your purpose, and the purpose of what you have written. This is when copyediting happens at its best. Feel you are at this stage? Get in touch.

Editorial support to completion

Completion can be hard to reach if you are not assured by what you are putting together.

Through editorial support, I am respectful of the obstacles that need to be assessed and challenged when making something you have compiled, which is close to you, ring with clarity.

Talk to me if you feel that you need editorial support, which goes deeper into your style and meaning before the copyediting stage. It might be a bit more bespoke, so, to get the ball rolling, send me an email.

Copyediting interplay

This is how I might work with you on a short essay (say 10,000 words in length). However, together we will reach an understanding of your expectations before any of the following happens. A pre-work chat to focus on what you want to achieve and how I can adapt my approach.

What will happen

  • You will send me a Word document, or something similar, which is easy to view, edit and share.
  • From this document I will establish the amount of time the job might take.
  • Once we are happy with a schedule, and a fee, the copyediting begins. It comes in three stages:
    1. First glance with questions. After reading through your text, I will ask questions about your style and meaning (what you are getting at; how you are getting at it). You will receive these questions in a new Word document or in an email. You will then provide answers and comments.
    2. Main Edit. I will go back through your original text (the original Word document), using Stage 1. as a guide. All changes will be tracked using the mark-up function in Word, and the document will be sent back to you. You will look through and accept or ignore changes and reply to, or add, any further comments. When happy, you will send the Main Edit back to me, for the last time.
    3. Nice and tidy. I will implement changes according to what you are happy with in the Main Edit. Then, I will tidy things up and send you the result as a clean document.


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