Sound and video production

Sound, as well as sound with video, for online distribution and exhibitions. Projects have been developed whilst exploring interests in history, geography and ethnography and, thereafter, the relationship that each has with storytelling.

Sound with video

Click this image to load a lightbox window to view the video entitled 'Field Pub'. The content of this image has a bonfire out of focus in the background, with a silhouetted crowd in the foreground. The crowd are holding up mobile phones to take pictures of the bonfire. Richard Taylor artist and editor: Sound and Video production.

Field Pub: multi-track stereo audio edited concurrently with HD video. This artwork is 08.30 minutes in total and the above excerpt is 01:38 minutes.

Exhibitions with sound

A room with a tall ceiling and white walls, a entrance from the left and a floor to ceiling window on the right, with brick surround. Within the room is an installation of objects, cables, wood, a gaming monitor, a slide projector and speakers. There is a small sculpture on the floor in the foreground, and to the left, in the foreground and on the wall, is a drawing and a photograph. This installation required both sound and video production.

‘Genia!’, says Marauder (2019) included a video, displayed on a gaming monitor, showing mounted photographic slides during their insertion into, and extraction from, a slide viewer. Furthermore, two speakers reverberated the sound of each slide hitting the interior of the viewer.

A slide projector also displayed the photographic slides, albeit in their original form. At the same time a microphone, attached to the projector’s body and connected to a single speaker, amplified the whirring sound of nostalgic analogue mechanics.

Collaborative tactics

Muscle Damage. An artwork that, above all, was created in collaboration with the artist’s father, Gordon Taylor, in 2017. The work used voiceover as well as binaural sound as points of focus. Digital copies of slide photography, taken by both collaborators and edited for monitor display, created an interchange between auditory perception and imagery.

As shown below the artwork also included related objects for the audience to encounter throughout a physical setting.

In an industrial interior two people stand, wearing headphones, facing large tv monitor attached to the wall. A still image of a rock face is on the screen.

If you are interested then listen to and watch more sound and video production.

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