Sound and video

Sound and video production.

  • Recording and mixing multi-track sound for multi-channel output and headphones (binaural experiences).
  • Videos for projection and monitor display, with digitised slides, screen recordings and HD footage.

rythm boulder list

Multi-track mixed sound with HD footage, 2020

Field Pub

Multi-track audio in stereo output, HD video, 08.30mins.

‘Genia!’, says Marauder

Exhibition installation, 2019. Video with amplified two-channel sound and cabling; 35 slide projector with sound generated from pick-up microphone attached to projector; objects and manipulated 35mm slides.

Aliases for a reason

Two-channel multi-track sound with delay between right and left signals for installation with two speakers in an elongated ‘walk through’ space.

Muscle Damage

Binaural and panned sound for video displayed on wall-mounted screen with headphone output, 2017.