Field Pub

The video below is the full version of Field Pub: a digital compilation with binaural field recordings and a voiceover, as well as sampled sound and High Definition video footage.

Field Pub, a digital composition with multi-track sound and HD video.

Field Pub was shown at A Hot Afternoon with Hot Cabinet, with the NYC-based collective Hot Cabinet, in 2021.

Voiceover, field recordings and sampled sound

I wrote and recorded Field Pub‘s voiceover in 2018. It is a combination of observations during a solitary drink in the busy beer garden of a pub in Northampton, and memories of other pubs in England.

The field recordings included in the piece were developed from binaural recordings taken during walks in Derbyshire and in Glasgow.

I sourced additional sound from YouTube and the website Cambridge Music Technology.

Field Pub

Video footage

I captured various bits of footage using my Canon EOS 750 Dslr, mostly taken during various lockdowns during the COVID pandemic. I also found an SD card used in an old HD video camera, with footage taken years ago. Elements of this footage include:

  • Strands of grass whilst waiting for friends in Queens Park in Glasgow
  • The back of a bald man’s head during a train journey from Manchester Piccadilly to Glasgow Central
  • The Allendale Tar Bar’l new years celebrations in Northumberland, as 2019 became 2020
  • Video calls and observations of cooking and eating in a flat next to Mount Florida train station in Glasgow
  • Me pulling a jumper on
  • A friend with a beard without the glasses that he normally wears
  • Myself speaking to camera, wearing glasses in my flat
  • Myself, not wearing glasses speaking and laughing to camera in a club in Glasgow
  • Fishermen in Newhaven Harbour in Edinburgh
  • A moss-covered branch and trunk at the Scottish border with England, at the north of Cumbria
Field Pub